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Round 1


NFT Drop Event


In celebration of launching BASIC’s NFT Marketplace,
we are hosting a series of Premium NFT giveaways.

Winners of will be drawn 2021.07.05 15:00 (GMT+9)

To Enter :

1. Add Liquidity to BASIC-BCDC in BCDC SWAP
2. Send your BASIC-BCDC BLP Token through Event Page
3. Recieve BLP Token and BCDC Token after the event
4. Win auction proceeds on the NFT drop


Round 1 Details

Application Dates : 2021. 06.18 (18:00 GMT+9) ~ 2021. 06. 21 (14:00 GMT+9)

Event Period : 2021. 06. 21. (14:00 GMT+9) ~ 2021. 07. 02 (14:00 GMT+9)

Winner Announcement Date : 2021. 07. 05 (15:00 GMT+9)
※ Winners will be notified in writing via e-mail address provided on the event application.

To Enter:
1. Add Liquidity to BASIC-BCDC in BCDC SWAP
2. Send your BASIC-BCDC BLP Token through Event Page
3. Recieve BLP Token and farmed BCDC Token after the event

※ Top 3 LP providers of paticipants will win the prize.

To Win NFT Drops:
- Make sure to fill out the event application
- Make sure to send BLP token through the event page
- Unstacking or removing BLP is not eligible during the event

How to Claim Your Prize:
1. NFTs will be put up on the auctions by BASIC
2. Auction proceeds will be claimed by BASIC and distributed to your ERC20 wallet address

※ Platform fee will be deducted from the distribution.
※ Auction dates to be announced once the events end


Round 1

※ Starting bid is the lowest possible bid that the first bidder may place in the NFT auction

※ Each of above three (3) NFT will be awarded to each of the top 3 winners at random


Korean Painting Pop Art (Wiz Khalifa x Jay Park)

Title: Wiz Khalifa_Time_traveler

In celebration of upcoming Wiz Khalifa x Jay Park collaboration album produced by 769 Entertainment,
limited edition artworks are produced in the form of NFTs by Miraqle x VERS.

‘Welcoming Banquet for the Governor of Pyeongan’, which serves as the background of these particular
NFT artworks, depicts a Joseon Dynasty era’s banquet welcoming the newly appointed governor of
Pyeongan-do Province. Consisting three paintings, ‘Welcoming Banquet for the Governor of Pyeongan’
displays a procession of boats under the moonlight, fortress, backgrounded by the Daedong River,
while the last painting depicts nighttime activities on the Daedong River, a scene perhaps
akin to a modern-day fireworks festival on the river.

To celebrate the collbative work of Wiz and Jay, these artworks are staged to display
Jay and Wiz welcoming each other as important guests with background displayed in Joseon Dynasty era.



New media art group VERS produces creative new media contents with unique sensibility
through collaboration with various industries based on media art solutions. VERS expand
the media art market both online and offline through young media artist platform. VERS
intends to produce entertainment NFT media art contents in collaboration with MiraQle.


Miraqle is a blockchain driven techtainment (Tech + Entertainment) company that sources
and produces premium entertainment based NFT contents from the intellectual properties
owned by its partner company ‘7SIX9 ENTERTAINMENT’. 7SIX9 ENTERTAINMENT
produces global collaboration albums merging top artists from both west and the east.

Round 2